Bow Gym Membership

Bow Gym in Rosebery is an exclusive private fitness studio founded on modern training methods, personalised customer care & quality class workouts.  We offer some of the most competitive membership pricing on the market today. We invite you try, compare and draw your own conclusion:

Silver Weekly Membership $39

This membership is capped at 3 bookings per week and it is suitable for clients with limited time to workout during the week.  Silver members can book any of our 40 classes including 'Peak' time classes. Membership may be cancelled with 4 weeks written notice.

Off-Peak Weekly Membership $39

Off peak members can book & attend 'unlimited' morning & lunch time classes throughout the Mon to Fri week.  This membership is particularly suitable for clients who live or work nearby and wish to take advantage 'off-peak' cost savings on their membership.  Membership may be cancelled or changed with 4 weeks written notice.

Gold Weekly Membership $49

Gold members have access to 'unlimited' morning, lunch, evening & weekend classes throughout the entire week.  This membership is suitable for clients who want the freedom to book and attend as many classes as they like without restrictions.  Membership may be cancelled with 4 weeks written notice.

Join a Friend!

Each time you join a friend to silver, off-peak or gold membership, then you both qualify for membership discount of $5 pw (per new signing) for the life of your membership.

8 Weeks Body Transformation


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 SPECIAL: 8W Body Transform (normally $999): 

  • Pre-start consultation & assessment
  • Nutrition consultation & game plan
  • 30x Bow Gym small classes
  • Final assessment & results!

Our 8 weeks body transformation package is the ultimate total body reshaping program for a smaller waist line & more athletic toned physical appearance.