Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapy

NMT is up to 8 times more efficient than traditional massage & ideal for relieving pain & knots, breaking up scar tissue and reducing the appearance of cellulite! Click play & watch this video!

About NMT Massage

Benefits include:


Increased blood circulation, reduction in lactic acid, break-up of scar tissue, release knots in muscle tissue, speed up recovery, improved range of motion & more!

Suitable for many sites:


Suitable for many areas of the body including upper, middle and lower back, arms, legs, hips & shoulders.

30 mins Booking


30 minutes bookings include consultation and 20 minutes MNT Percussive massage time which is ample time to treat multiple sites.

Cellulite Reduction:


Using the contact form ask us about our popular NMT cellulite reduction package which comes with money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Available By Appointment:


Strictly by appointment as limited spots are available for this service.  Appointment by text or email.  Spots available Monday to Saturday

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Foam Roller Self Massage From Home


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Are you feeling really tight & sore from the week's classes? This total body foam rolling program will help you stretch, relax and release your myofacia (the layer outside of your muscles) from the comfort of your own home!