150 Suspension Training Exercises

How many of these suspension exercises are in your repertoire?
These exercises are not only compatible with BOW500 Suspension gym but also compatible with TRX & RIP60 suspension trainers as well.  Try them at home for yourself & don't forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button to stay updated with workouts!

Bow500 - Yoga Suspension Training

This playlist contains Yoga workouts performed by our in house Yoga instructor Laurene, using the suspension cables from your BOW 500 pack.  This yoga playlist is great for developing core strength & flexibility and ebanbles you to look at suspension training in a whole new way! 

Bow500 - Bar & Band Resistance Training

A comprehensive playlist of BOW 500 patented bar & band resistance elements which mimic training with barbells without the joint impact and risk of injury.  BOW 500 bar and band training also enables you to amplify your Pilates workout & accelerate your core development and body shaping aspirations like never before.  Enjoy the workouts :) 

Bow500 - Resistance Band Training

A comprehensive playlist of traditional resistance bands workouts anchored low as well as anchored high for low impact highly effective BOW 500 resistance bands exercise with particular focus in strengthening tendons as well as sensitive & stabilising muscles around your body.  Simply swap your hard suspension cables for either the red or black (heavy or light) resistance bands & you're ready to go!

Bow500 - 30 days Suspension Challenge

Start coach Ali's renowned 30 days suspension body transformation challenge and see if you can finish all 30 workouts in order.  This well publicised playlist has been started by more than 25,000 people however not everyone has managed to finish it.  Have you got what it takes?  Throughout this journey you will learn more than 200 different suspension exercises and burn upwards of 15,000 calories!

Bow500 Kick Boxercise Videos

Resistance band kick-boxercise is both a great cardio workout system as well as strength & conditioning of shoulders, arms and core in particular.  Professional athletes use resistance band kick boxing to improve agility and speed, however general people can add this type of training to their workouts to increase output and accelerate calories burnt, generally resulting in a leaner and more toned looking physique! 

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